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Our Organisation

UOW Enterprises (UOWE) is a subsidiary group of the University of Wollongong and is aligned to the University’ strategic objectives of international student growth,

Established in 1988, UOWE owns and operates the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD), UOW College Australia (UOWC) and the Community College of City University Hong Kong (CCCU).

UOWE is at the forefront of delivering quality higher and vocational education and training on an international scale with our institutions offering over 100 courses including higher education, vocational training, English language and professional development programs to over 12,000 students annually

Our commitment to quality underpins the UOWE Strategic Plan 2017-2020 and is core to all operations across UOWE. The Plan has been developed to facilitate UOWE’s continued success and support our vision of being a leading global education provider delivering transformative student experiences.

Employing more than 1,100 staff globally, UOWE has a strong culture of diversity and equity, based on our values, and also advocates the principles of fairness, inclusiveness, and respect.


To be a leading global education provider  delivering transformative student experiences


Enhancing UOW’s global reputation by delivering international student  growth and providing pathways to the university.



We encourage everyone to shine, going above and beyond.


We love what we do.


We are honest, ethical and reliable.


We speak our mind, take the initiative and are steadfast in our decisions.


We share our knowledge, expertise and resources to get results.


We are innovative and imaginative.